Last month, I had the great honor of being a part of my friend Lizzy’s Wedding. We have been friends since the 3rd grade, so it was really special to see her tie the knot with her handsome groom! And while I anxiously awaited the day they would say “I do”, I had no idea how magical that day would end up being. Lizzy and Dalton have that “reach for the stars…over the fence….World Series kinda stuff” love that has been obvious to all of us since the day they met. The love and support that their friends and family have for them is unbeatable. This made for a genuine and emotional ceremony (not a dry eye in the house).

The bride’s romantic winter theme highlighted everything we that we all love about the colder months of the year. The church was dressed in its Christmas best with wreathes, Christmas trees and antique lanterns.  And the Bride’s choice of the classic black and white tones, coupled with greenery and candles, made for a stunning display at the Wedding Reception. Not only was the Wedding absolutely gorgeous, it was really FUN too! I stayed on the dance floor all.night.long. because the band killed it!


A few weeks ago I had the chance to speak with the Bride and Groom (separately) and here’s what they shared about their special day…


Why did you decide on a Winter Wedding?

I’ve always loved the colder months. Aside from the holidays, there is something romantic about this time of year. Also, the last thing I wanted was to be sweaty, hot mess on my special day! And finally, I’m a huge fan of fur (obviously) and so I wanted to be able to incorporate that fashion aspect!

What was your theme/color scheme for your Wedding and how did that come to life?

This is the question that every bride gets asked…. “What’s your theme or color scheme?” However, this is one of the most difficult ones for me to answer haha! To be honest, I didn’t really have a theme. Maybe someone that attended the Wedding might of thought differently, but I wanted a clean, simple, elegant look for the ceremony, reception and decor! I also am NOT a fan of flowers hence why you didn’t see any 😉 Instead, I opted for a ton of natural greenery and candles to set the Winter tone.

Tell me about your “4 Somethings”…

Something old: Sadly, all of my grandparents have passed away. So I wanted to find a special way to incorporate my grandmothers on my Wedding Day. I carried my Mimi’s (maternal grandmother) monogrammed handkerchief, as well as my Grandmama’s (paternal grandmother) rosary. I was able to carry both in my pocket! (Yes my dress has pockets!!!!)

Something newMy dress (with pockets haha)

Something borrowed: My earrings 🙂 They were the earrings that my Matron of Honor wore on her wedding day!

Something blue: My great grandmother’s blue sapphire ring

What was your favorite moment from your Wedding Day?

That is so hard! I have 3 moments that definitely stick out!

The first one is the 5-10 minutes before the ceremony started, it was just me and my step dad in the bridal room. He had tears in his eyes and told me how grateful he was to be in my life and to walk me down the aisle! (Talk about tear jerker! It was all I could do to keep the mascara from running down my face)

The second moment was the moment after Dalton and I kissed, we were officially husband & wife! The moment after when we turned around to see all of our favorite people in the entire world looking back at us was unbelievably special!

Last, definitely not least, was the dance floor! It was so important to Dalton and I that everyone was having fun so seeing the dance floor packed all night was AH-MAZING!

What is your one piece of advice you would give to future brides? 

Don’t stress yourself out about trying to say hey and talk to everyone! This is YOUR day and you need to enjoy it! I’m so glad I got to spend most of the night dancing and having fun! I did talk to a lot of people but I wanted to enjoy my FAVORITE DAY EVER and I’m so glad I did.

Trust your vendors! You are paying them (alot) to make your “dream”/vision come to life! My wedding coordinator called me her “Plans a lot bride” haha because I was OCD about every detail. I definitely over stressed about things (that I didn’t need to) because in the end everything was PERFECT!



What was your first thought when you saw Elizabeth walking down the aisle?

As one can imagine, emotions were running wild from the moment I woke up on December 3rd, until the moment I stood awaiting my future bride to walk down the aisle. Once the doors opened I was overwhelmed with a feeling I hadn’t experienced before. Pure joy and excitement may be the easiest way for me to describe this moment, but even that would be an understatement. Although this may not answer the question of “your first thought” to me it was more of a feeling that I remember so vividly. A feeling that I will never forget and a night I’ll always remember!

Tell me about your groomsmen gift…

Having the task of providing a groomsmen gift was more difficult than anticipated. I wanted the the gift to be somewhat useful, timeless and personal. Because of small woodworking projects I have done in the past, I decided to build the fellas a bottle opener that can be mounted on the wall equipped with a catcher at the bottom for bottle tops. Finished with a dark stain and a cast iron opener, I was able to accomplish the useful, personal and hopefully timeless gift I was searching for. Along with the bottle opener, I was able to find unique personalized whiskey glasses on Etsy that had engraved initials, the date of the wedding and groomsmen.

Was there a “behind the scenes” funny moment that happened on the big day that you’d like to share?

About 30 minutes before making our entrance, I was directed to wait in the back offices with the pastor and my Best Man. Between eating dozens of breath mints and using the restroom every 5 seconds, my Best Man and I tried to stay relaxed and composed before the big moment. Our conversation took a big turn when my BM felt the need to tell me “Dalton, don’t lock your legs while you’re standing up there.” I responded with a puzzled and concerned look as he continued to explain “You’ll pass out, guaranteed…I’m serious, it happens all of the time”…Needless to say this is was I was thinking about before stepping out in front of nearly 200 people. Thankfully my fear of passing out cold vanished and I was back on track before the festivities began! (Thanks Riley…)

What was your favorite moment from your Wedding Day?

So many favorite moments so it’s hard to only pick one! But for me, the best moment was sealing the deal at the altar! Surrounded by our closest friends and family, some of which we haven’t seen in years, this was one moment (of many) we will treasure for a life time.

What is your piece of advice to all the future grooms out there?

Just chiiilll. It’s always funny to receive unwanted advice from men whom, with such emphasis, give you advice as if it will undoubtedly be the recipe for a successful wedding/marriage. Use common sense, be yourself and everything with fall into place.


All photography: Amanda Castle Photography

Cheers to the couple of the year! I love you both!











WEDDING VENUE: Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church- High Point, NC

WEDDING RECEPTION VENUE: The Lofts at Union Square

PHOTOGRAPHY: Amanda Castle Photography

BAND: MO’SOL (Sam Hill Entertainment)

WEDDING CAKE: Sweet Josephine’s

FLORIST: Dahlias

CATERING: Above & Beyond Catering


GETAWAY CAR: AFA Limo- A Formal Affair


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