I’m jumping on the bandwagon y’all and have decided to keep a list of the 101 things I’d like to accomplish in the next 1001 days (2.75 years). For me, it’s a happy medium between a bucket list and keeping track of an ongoing to-do list. I’m hoping it will be a great way to hold myself accountable and live life to the fullest. Here’s to crossing off as many as possible!



[ 13 COMPLETE; 88 TO GO]


  1. Come up with 101 things! (December 2016)
  2. Get a puppy  (2/5/17)
  3. Read at least 30 new books total; 3 of which are biographies (Big Little Lies, 
  4. Teach myself to cook & make it a lifestyle
  5. Compile all of my favorite Instagram pictures into books
  6. Get a library card (yes, you read that correctly)
  7. Leave 100% tip for great service
  8. Fully fill out my address book
  9. Get Lasik (in my left eye)
  10. Read the bible
  11. Really learn Photoshop
  12. Invest in business cards
  13. Take a photography workshop
  14. Attend a blogging conference
  15. Feature my friend Lizzy’s Wedding on the blog (1/18/17)
  16. Collaborate with brands I love
  17. Unsubscribe from all un-wanted email lists (1/4/17)
  18. Clean up all forms of social media
  19. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast
  20. Learn how to use the Cloud
  21. Discover at least 3 new flea markets
  22. Have a spa day (I’ve never been)
  23. Find my signature cocktail
  24. Hang the curtains in my living room
  25. Get my teeth professionally whitened
  26. Go to sleep before midnight for a week (2/5-2/12- First week of Moose)
  27. Make a new friend (made several these past few months!)
  28. Continue to perfect Indesign skills, learn Photoshop & Illustrator
  29. Work for one of my dream companies
  30. Earn a promotion (4/1/17 🙂 )
  31. Learn a new skill
  32. Receive an award
  33. No eating out for a whole month
  34. No shopping for one month
  35. Take a social media hiatus for a weekend
  36. Go without taking a single taxi/uber for a month
  37. Go 2 weeks without ordering takeout/delivery (First two weeks in January)
  38. Unplug completely for 24 hours (no iPhone, internet, television, etc.)
  39. Go without fast food for a whole month
  40. Try 30 new restaurants in Raleigh– 1) Vivace 2) More 3) Clouds 4) Royale 5) Shaba Shubu 
  41. Attend the ballet
  42. Attend a Broadway show
  43. Try at least 5 new foods (Mahi Mahi,
  44. See a concert
  45. Try a new ethnic cuisine
  46. Go back to the West Coast
  47. Celebrate my 5 year college reunion in Wrightsville Beach
  48. Travel to a least 3 new cities
  49. Take a least 3 fun out-of-state trips – Islamorada, FL Keys (1/13-1/17), 
  50. Travel to a new country
  51. Travel to a new continent
  52. Travel to at least 5 new states
  53. Take a road trip
  54. Go to London during Christmastime
  55. Go on the Gossip Girl tour in NYC
  56. Go on a trip with my entire family (Islamorada, FL Keys (1/13-1/17))
  57. Go to Vegas for my mom’s 60th
  58. Surprise visit one of my friends
  59. Buy a new television for living room
  60. Buy a Macbook Pro
  61. Buy Photoshop
  62. Buy the iPhone 7
  63. Buy a coffee table
  64. Buy a new car
  65. Buy coffee for a stranger (Bought meal for 2 strangers on 2.14.17)
  66. Fall in love
  67. Send flowers to my grandmother one day out of the blue
  68. Contribute to a cause (Go Fund Me- 1/18/17)
  69. Complete a fitness challenge
  70. Visit doctor, dentist, eye doctor at least once a year
  71. Hit my goal weight
  72. Meal plan and stick to it for two weeks
  73. Take a Pure Barre class
  74. Be 100% debt free
  75. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished
  76. Increase my savings
  77. Purchase stock
  78. Come in under budget 3 months in a row
  79. Watch the sun rise (Georgetown Waterfront, Washington, DC- 1/24/17)
  80. See an NFL game
  81. Watch an entire series of a show
  82. Sleep under the stars
  83. See an NHL game
  84. Get Netflix (1/1/17)
  85. Play mini golf
  86. Tailgate for a college football game
  87. Attend a UNC basketball game in the Dean Dome
  88. Get a massage
  89. Go to sushi-making class
  90. Fly first class
  91. Go to a trampoline park
  92. Climb a mountain
  93. Go skeet shooting
  94. See an outdoor movie
  95. Go camping
  96. Catch a fish
  97. Make homemade pizza
  98. Master 5 recipes
  99. Sing Karaoke
  100. See a shooting star
  101. Recycle (this is a no brainer- but I need to be better)