I’m fully aware that I haven’t posted on the blog since January (embarrassed to admit that honestly), but A LOT has been happening y’all. The phrase “I just don’t have time” has unfortunately been used too often in these last few months (more to come on that later). But since As Told By Taylor turns 1 year old today, I had to post! Here’s why the blog has been (ahem) on the back burner…

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you have probably noticed from my posts or Instastory that I got a puppy! My little furr baby is the cutest and has 100% changed my life. His name is Moose and he’s a Tri Color English Springer Spaniel!! He is just over 6 months old and weighs about 50 pounds. Full grown Springers tend to be about 40 pounds on the smaller side and 60 pounds on the larger side. His paws are HUGE and it makes me nervous that he’s going to cross that 60 pound mark here soon! Anyone that meets him comments on his paws, so I guess I better fully prepare for him to get a lot bigger. He loves water (and taking baths??), being outside, playing with other pups and people and any type of FOOD. He is always hungry haha. Moose has the best personality and facial expressions, I’m constantly laughing at the faces he makes. These braided bully sticks are his favorite and he loves shoes (and stealing them). If you’d like to follow along with his day-to-day adventures, follow @moosetracksaroundtown 🙂 yes, I have become one of those crazy dog people #ImADogMom and I’m not ashamed! Here are few of what I like to call “the many faces of Moose”…

Unless you have experienced it yourself, there’s no way to describe what it’s like to get a puppy. I have learned so much from him already, so I thought I’d share:

  • Moose is slowly, but surely turning me into a morning person // Can y’all believe it?! There is no longer a need for an alarm clock, he lets me know the minute he’s awake (ha). For someone who is a big sleeper, this was challenging at first but now I’m used to it. It’s funny how those few extra hours a day allow you to accomplish so much more!
  • I’m living a much more active lifestyle now // Springers are hunting dogs and have a TON of energy so they need to get at least 1 hour of exercise a day. During the week we usually take 2 walks and play at the dog park daily. Moose loves to meet his puppy friends there once I’m off work. It takes us to leave 🙂
  • Your schedule is forever changed // since Moose is still young, he still has to go out about every 4 hours. This is probably been the hardest part of being a dog mom. Before Moose, I was only responsible for myself. Now my day-to-day, eating habits, finances, travel, etc. all revolve around this new addition 🙂 it’s totally worth it, but definitely something everyone should consider before getting a dog. I’m finally starting to figure out the balance and getting much better at leaving him!
  • Puppy proofing your home is no joke // being someone who loves to decorate, I was so sad when I had to strip my apartment down to the bare basics. But you just have to do it. Both for the pup’s safety and for your sanity. Luckily there has only been a few casualties so far. They include my floor length mirror, a lamp and a printer cord. I wasn’t happy about the first one but lesson learned: do not let Moose do zoomies after bath as he likes to slide into home plate at the base of the mirror.
  • Moose has taught me the meaning of unconditional love // And patience, lots of patience. There are days where he’s a gem and there are days where he’s a terror. Raising a puppy is a full time job! He is fully crate and potty trained (woo!) and knows a few tricks as well. Things we’re currently working on include: listening, cutting out the puppy biting and settling down when visitors come over. My patience level has tripled since getting him and that was something that needed to happen, so I’m thankful for it.

I love him more than words. And don’t worry, I’ll continue to post on his Instagram account (I try to every few days) for those of you that keep up with him, so stay tuned 🙂





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